Writing and Researching of Fatwa Books in the Indian Subcontinent Arabic language is the second language of the Muslims of the subcontinent and they played an important role in inculcating the true image of Islam through writing and researching . Despite of their political and economic crisis , they contributed and served Islam in different fields such as Quran , Hadith and Fiqh. The secret behind is a strong desire to obtain the satisfaction and pleasure of Allah Almighty . Fatwas is the most important field of Fiqh and scholars of subcontinent gave special attention on fatwa books particularly in codifying Hanafi Fatwa books. This article carries out historical background of fatawa in different periods, the beginning of hanfi fatawas in subcontinent, brief introduction of the most important fatawa books and manuscripts of Hanfi school of thought in the subcontinent. At the end the researcher has drawn various results and recommendations