Since the ḥadīth scholars have remarkably contributed towards cultivation and codification of the science of ḥadīth. They initiated discussing technical issues in the transmission of ḥadīth and brought about a matchless knowledge in the history of world academia. Mursal ḥadīth is one of the manifestation of this technical discourse which has been an object of discussion in view of its relaiabilty and status. Allāma Zafar Aḥmad Uthmānī (d 1394/1974) a well-known sub-continental ḥadīth scholar and prolific religious intellicual also narrated the status of mursal narrations in his magnum opus titled “I’lā-al-sunan” comprehensivlly. In this article, his view point about mursal and the impact of diffirence of openion on it along with a discription discribing causes of reliability on mursal narration has been penned down meticulously while elucidating the issue with some examples