Since the creation of men and women, Allah almighty revealed all instructions and teachings regarding life style of both kinds. Allah also divided the duties of both for seeking prosperity and happiness in their lives. Both kinds, men and women as a married couple, also acknowledged these teachings and their duties. But some time, the necessity overcomes and they live a life full of rush and against the nature. Women does many jobs for seeking better life style or sometimes serious circumstances forces her to do a job. But it is a great regret for ourselves that this kind of women got stuck in many problems and unrestful issues. So, female employees, in our society had a lot of problems from her family and organization also. She faces many problems in her house also as well in the office in which she provides her services. These problems are like, lack of transport, unsecure system of travelling, problems of salary packages like deduction without any reasonable issue, physical harassment from colleagues, joint family system, divorce due to not adopting housewife style or standard etc. In this research, the results of a survey presented which was conducted in pursuance of the major problems regarding female employees in our society. We found very miserable and regrettable situation of women as discussed in this research. At the end, solution of these problems has been given in the light of shariah.