Youth is the biggest asset of a nation and, undoubtedly, the basic determinant of its bright future. As all the future leadership arises from today’s youth, it is incumbent upon young generation to work tirelessly for the progress and prosperity of their nation. The need of dedicated work at a young age multiplies when one observes that the onus of safeguarding their country and improving its economy is with the youngsters if they use their best abilities to advantage. And these goals of protecting the country from external threats and building it on strong foundations internally can be achieved only if the young generation is immune to moral and behavioral deviances. We can infer from the story of the young believer, who supported the prophets of Allah with all his might as described in Surah Yasin. Therefore young people are the most supportive when it comes to defending truth against falsehood. But it is only possible if they are noble-hearted and trained in a purposeful way. Our current research paper deals with the significant causes behind this phenomenon of moral corruption and ethical disruption among the Muslim youth and the ways to address it effectively. Moreover, it suggests the practical tools to inculcate the positive traits in the young people along with the means to keep them safe from giving way to moral and behavioral pitfalls.