Allah swt has created the humankind on the nature of socialism, this means that he likes to live in community and their needs are related to each other that no one can survive properly unless with the aid of others and all that happens when they have unity and discipline. Therefore, Islam also emphasize on the importance of unity what we called as “wahdat ul Ummah”. For this purpose Islam gave us the concept of Imam, the leader, who lead the Muslims in the proper direction and solve their problems and that would be in different manners, like implementation of the Islamic rules, judging them with justice so that everybody could possibly have equal rights, defending the boundaries of Islamic state, enjoin good and forbid evil, insurance of life and property, etc. Therefore, without the Imam, that’s not possible, that’s why it is mentioned numerous times in Holy Quran and the Hadith. But after all discussion this matter became a political matter in Islam especially when this debate comes between the two sects of Muslims, “Ahl ul Sunnah” and “Shi’a”, with the hadith of Jabir bin Samurah at the incident of confliction of khilafa after the death of the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ,(when he said that there will be twelve imam, and all are from the tribe of Quresh. So in this whole debate I tried to elaborate and solve this distressing issue..