Print media is backbone of journalism. This study explores the challenges that print media is facing in the present age. The basic purpose of the study was to find the basic hurdles and problems that decreasing the popularity of print media. Secondly, to explores the prospective for the betterment of print media. For data collection, survey method used and questionnaire prepared consisted on 12 close ended questions and 1 open ended question. Questionnaires distributed among 200 editors, newspaper owners and senior journalist of Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Islamabad for answering the related questions. The study concluded that different factors which decreasing the popularity of print media which includes electronic media and social media’s popularity due to fast and large coverage, low literacy rate in the country decreases the readership, lack of advertising in print media, glamour attraction on electronic media, verity of programs on TV, live transmission snatched the reader towards TV, low salary packages, threats to journalists from different political parties and terrorists and lack of government support are the major factors which print media has facing.