There are many differences in opinions of experts of Quran Sciences regarding the phenomenon of ‘Al-Naskha fil Qur’an’an outstanding issue in understanding the legal rulings of Qur’an. For example, if there is any ‘nuskha’ in Qur’anic verses or not, if yes, then in so many verses? It is a fact that the knowledge of ‘nuskha’ in Qur’an can be obtained from the Holy Qur’an itself or ‘Hadiths’ of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Enough knowledge about the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an (Tafseer ul Qur’an) is available in ‘Saheeh ul Bukhari’ in general and ‘Kitab ul Tafseer’ in particular. Therefore; in this article the viewpoint of Imam AlBukhari regarding ‘Naskha fil Qur’an’ will be discussed in detail. Imam Al-Bukhari supports and stands by the occurrence of ‘naskha fil Qur’an’ in Qur’anic verses. He has described the four kinds of ‘nasikh’ (Naskhul Qur’an Bil Qur’an, naskhul Sunnah bil Sunnah, naskhul Qur’an Bil Sunnah and naskhul Sunnah Bil Qur’an). He supported the reason of ‘Naskha’ under these four kinds of ‘nasikh’.