The Environmental Awareness is a part of Millennium Development Goals by United Nations. Huge research work is being done on Environmental Science under the charter of United Nations to highlight threats to humanity under two famous domains Climate Change and Global Warming. Our religion also focuses on the importance of Environmental Education. The study focused to assess the perception of Trainee Teachers towards Environmental Awareness at Tertiary Level of Education in Pakistan and to compare the performance of control and experimental group of trainee teachers on Environmental Awareness at Tertiary Level. Mixed method techniques were applied to obtain the results. Two groups of 30 Trainee Teachers in each group from Federal College of Education, Islamabad were taken as the sample of the study for experiment. The questionnaire was developed on five point Likert scale. It was found that level of Environmental Awareness was very high in the results of Post Test as compared to Pre Test results. It was recommended that the Environmental Awareness should be made compulsory part of Tertiary Education.