Literacy is considered an important instrument for sustainable development of any country. Pakistan during the past six decades has achieved steady increase in economic growth and development particularly in education, a key sector in social sphere. As the study was focused on, the initiatives for literacy efforts in Punjab (Pakistan) so it evaluated the literacy efforts in Punjab through various programs and projects to enhance the literacy rate in past. The objectives of the study were: i) to evaluate the past efforts made in the field of literacy in Punjab. ii) to point out the weaknesses of past efforts in the field of literacy in Punjab. iii) to formulate a research based theoretical model for increasing literacy efforts in Punjab. The weaknesses and bottlenecks and gaps about the various programs and projects were also pointed out to improve the literacy rate at fast. In the light of findings the researcher developed a theoretical model for literacy elevation in the Punjab. If the model is implemented at gross root level can enhance the literacy rate in real sense.