In all Muslim societies, discussion about secularism has adopted vivid tussle of real life, which is affecting every field of life. Once, it used to be a trend and fashion of aristocracy in Pakistan, but now, it is knocking at the door of common man & new generation is becoming its victim. Islam and secularism are two contradictory ideologies which cannot be patched up together. In every field of life, Islam demands complete submission to the ‘revealed Hidayah’ without infidelity. On the other hand, secularism has unveiled itself, letting go of any level of forbearance and tolerance for Islam. Even in Pakistan, a country with more than ninety percent Muslim population, secularism is challenging religious values, legitimacy and laws very boldly. Whether it is about Islamic rites and rituals, or rulings for family and social life, a matter of national dignity or Islamic concept of a Muslim ummah, interest prohibition in Islamic economic system or pre-requisition of integrity and trustworthiness in politics, the instigators of secular school of thought in Pakistan will always be at pursuit of Islamic ideology, attacking its every aspect. This poisoned atmosphere is catastrophic for young generation who will have the responsibility to protect this God gifted state in future. Pakistan was founded on the basis of La ilaahaillallah. Numerous Muslims sacrificed their lives, wealth and honor for it. The poisonous race belonging to secular school of thought is neither playing their role in achieving objectives of its establishment, nor its geographical protection. This dissertation discusses the factors which are responsible for the current situation. The most important factor is negligence of our political leadership. Even after passing the Objectives Resolution, we could not mold our laws according to Islam. Second important factor is our educational syllabus. All over the world, secularism has been introduced into the system as well as educational syllabus but we could not give this place to Islam in our Islamic state. As a result, today, a secular generation has been seeded and nourished in our educational institutions. Third factor which can’t be ignored is short sightedness of the Muslim scholars. The jurisprudential and sectarian differences which were no less than blessings and beauty of the religious diversity, have now become the basis of discord, opposition & dispersion. There are no efforts to make the public aware about the wisdom behind strategies of Islamic laws and their beneficial consequences. In this article, analytical study of factors and consequences of promulgation of secularism as well as probable solutions of the problems and recommendations are discussed.