From the beginning, the tradition of exegesis and interpretation of Holy Quran is being practiced. Some Expert of Quranic Studies thinks that previous scriptures are also a source of interpretation of the Holy Quran. In this article, It is studied behaviors and methodology of Sahabah (RA ), in which Umar e Farooq and Jabir bin Abdullah (RA ) were adopted Tough stance about reading and copying the previous scriptures. But when we look at the stand of other companions of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم like Abdullah bin Amar bin Al’Aas, Abdullah bin Umar, Abdullah bin Salam, Abdullah bin Mas'ud, Anas bin Malik and Abu Huraira (RA )etc, we got the result that their acts and methodology looks clearly supporting affirmation of reasoning from the previous scriptures. In this article, these two cases were reviewed as a research overview and it has been proven that derivation and inference from the previous scriptures should be used in interpretation of the Holy Quran. So that we can identified the facts those are common in previous scriptures and the Holy Quran and moreover, the Holy Quran clarified those facts in a fresh authentic ways, but the people of the Scriptures have been ignored or denied these facts. It should be questioned from them about such facts or showed them clear evidences from their own scripture. These evidences may be become a source of guidance, or establish a proof against them.