Muhammad Tahir was one of the greatest Pashtun interpreters of the Holy Quran from the last century. He introduced unprecedented principles and methods in the exegesis of the Quran such as, explaining the objectives of the Quran, discussing five important points at the start of every Surah, explaining coherence among verses, and particularly interpreting Quran by Quran itself. This approach to the interpretation of the Quran made the themes of the Quran equally easy and accessible to both the learned and the lay reader of the Text. Hundreds and Thousands of the Quran sessions throughout the length and breadth of the country are evidence of this fact. Feeling the importance of work, the Department of Islamiyat University of Peshawar initiated PhD’s level research project in 2015 to compile, materialize and study critically the Quranic Audio lessons of Shaykh al Quran Maulana Muhammad Tahir along with proper references and citations. In this article, his methodology of Quranic exegesis, applying on Sura Al Baqara, is being discussed.This project being unique in its nature will not only pave the way to transform audios of different religious scholars into valuable and benficial research projects whose works have not been explored hitherto, but will be proved a valubale addition in the list of Quranic exegeses having unique style to understand Quran according to the needs of the contemporary world.