One of the popular and famous classical fiqh is of hanf┘’s. It is the first fiqh law school which attempted to solve the newer issues faced by the Muslims at all the ages. The main two doctrines followed by two blocks at the then time namely either to follow any of the fiqh schools strictly and not to give it up at all or not. The hanf┘s happened to be the followers of the first doctrine strictly along with to have some rules for giving up the hanf┘ law when it deems that if one follows the hanf┘’s law he would face critical and crucial condition which would be unbearable by the one and it may result dangerous consequences. So in order to avoid such condition the hanf┘ school of law allows a hanf┘ to adopt any other school of law in the state of al ╘ar┤rah al shad┘dah, if suggested by a prominent scholar, a stronger point of view found in other than hanf┘ school and when a qaz┘ rules against hanf┘ point of view. So this research aims to throw light on al ╘ar┤rah al shad┘dah by focusing on the ft┐w┐s issued accordingly in the subcontinent and to gather them in one place whether hanf┘s adopted it collectively or individually. It results that the hanf┘ fiqh covers shariah rulings regarding normal circumstances as well exceptional cases