In this era of science and technology, e-learning can be helpful for masses in providing them access to education. This study involved students of 6th semester enrolled in a Bachelor of Computer Science Program and master degree programs at university level. The purpose of the study was to explore the views of students about Facebook as an instructional tool. Intact class of 24 students was selected from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) and 17 students from 3 different programs of University of the Punjab (PU). Qualitative research approach was used to get understanding of multiple meaning. The views of students were explored through focus group discussions and their teachers were interviewed also. These discussions and interview data were audio recorded. Data were transcribed, generated nodes and then coded in NVivo 10 software accordingly. Themes were generated and presented in graphs and tables. Findings were very interesting which provided sufficient evidence that Facebook is prospective source of learning. It is flexible in use and not time specific, therefore, feasible for students who work day time and can access to the material when they get free time. In short, Facebook is a potential learning source for every individual who have access to online sources living at any part of the globe.