Nurbakhshia is an Islamic sect associated with Mohammad Nurbakhsh. This is a series of tasawaf like other salasil of tasawuff but its individual and distinct feature is that, Syed Mohammad Nurbakhsh, the founder of this regard, laid a foundation for a permanent Islamic school of thought whose name is Al fiqh-al-ahwat. Ahwat means careful and reliable. Because the author stated that he worked out more carefully in the statement of mostly masa’il which he claims that he removed the usoole and forooe differences between umma according to the commandments of Allah almighty and practices and manners of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The book of fiqh-al-ahwat, consists of 51 chapters, starts from the Kitab al Taharat to Ba’b Al Hujb 'An alirs. Probably this book has been published after 812 AH.This book is actually written in Arabic. However, it has been translated into many languages. But a lot of efforts have been done in Persian and Urdu language. The author mentions a relevant verse of Quran and Hadith in the beginning of every chapter in his book. According to all the chapters, it is common to note that It seems like some of the fiqhi masails are taken from the FiqaJafariaa, and some seem closer to the four Sunni thought of schools especially Imam Shafi's Jurists. While mostly masaails are based on their own independent opinion. In this short article, we will give brief introduction to some masaails from different chapters compare some masa’ils with other school of thoughts, as an example, in where their individual views are coming out, or in which the difference is possible.