The excessive use of social media websites (SMW) may bring benefits or problems for students. The use of such websites may help students to inculcate the habits of team work and collaboration with their class fellows and teachers. The instructors at university level can make use of social media to enhance learning, to develop interaction, discussion, to increase collaboration and foster good interaction skills among students. The major advantage of using social media websites is an increase in the ability to skim and scan information. The present study was aimed to explore the potential of social media websites in relation to learning. It was conducted following the mixed method approach, using a questionnaire and interview. A sample of 646 students and 10 teachers was drawn. It was found that the potential of social media websites is well recognized in the educational sector. The sites provide access to much information, with Face book being the most popular among students and teachers for academic interaction. However, the cost of the equipment, along with problems of erratic electricity supplies and uncertainty over privacy settings, posed problems while there was evidence that the excessive use of these devices could create problems for students. The study recommended the appropriate use of social media resources to the students, and teachers.