National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) is an organ of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. It is responsible for university teachers’ training. It is continuously imparting training to university teachers in different phases. Evaluation of such trainings is perceptible and the present study is expected to add to the literature on evaluation of teacher training modules in higher education context in Pakistan. This study was aimed at the evaluation of the training NAHE Phase II which was started in 2008. Present study was delimited to evaluate training modules’ effectiveness prepared and used for continuous professional development (CPD) programme of university teachers in NAHE Phase II. Evaluation of modules was further delimited to the perception of trainees. The sample of this study was consisted of 487 (out of 769) trainees from the 19 (out of 38) training centres in the Pakistan. Data were collected through a questionnaire consisted of 7 indicators and 49 items. This questionnaire had been developed on the basis of objectives of the modules. Analysis of data revealed that all the modules were effective. The objectives of modules were also clear, achievable, relevant, addressing the need of university faculty, and aligned to the content of modules. The content of the modules was also found interesting. The module I ‘teaching as a profession’ was found to be the most effective. The module VII ‘research methods and skills’ was the least effective as compared to the rest of the modules. This study may help policy makers, teacher trainers, resource persons and the teachers concerned with such trainings.