The present study has been conducted to identify the relation of cultural intelligence, psychological hardiness and academic performance with homesickness among hostel students. The study is also aimed to explore the impact of cultural intelligence and psychological hardiness (Personality style to cope in the environment and stress) homesickness and impact of psychological hardiness on academic performance. The sample consists of 410 students of undergraduate, post graduate and M. Phil scholars (184=males, 224 females) of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Govt. university for women and Ali Garh college Multan. Purposive sampling technique was used to contact the participants. Cultural intelligence, Dispositional resilience scale, Academic Performance Self Assessment and Utrecht Homesickness scale were used to assess the variables. The results by utilizing correlation, one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression show a positive and significant correlation of Cultural intelligence, Psychological hardiness and academic performance but negatively correlated with homesickness. The regression analysis shows that psychological hardiness has strong positive impact on academic performance and significantly strong negative impact on homesickness. Female students are more homesick as compare to male students. On the basis of the results it is also concluded that students of undergraduate are more homesick as compare to post graduate and M. Phil scholars.