Present study endeavors to explore the 10th grade secondary schools English teachers’ teaching styles and learning styles of their students and examine the potential relationship between teaching learning style match with student’s academic achievement as shown by their last secondary school board’s results. A sample of forty two schools was selected from the population of Punjab province government schools. All the English class students and their class teachers were the respondent of this study. Relevant information was collected through teaching and learning styles inventories from teachers and their students and English subject result was obtained through their relevant schools. The study employed Grasha’s inventory (1996) in diverse learning styles categories related to students and investigate teaching styles related to teachers. Grasha’s inventory was employed on five sub categories of the scale. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics techniques. The results demonstrate that students’ learning styles and their achievement in English course, have statistically significance difference among them and statistically significance effect was not found, between students’ learning styles and teachers’ teaching styles on students English achievements.