The core purpose of the research was to explore the relationship between leadership styles of the principals' and teachers' job satisfaction. A sample of two hundred teachers (100 male and 100 female) was selected randomly from Public Secondary Schools of Lahore. A Questionnaire was developed to collect the data from the research respondents. The questionnaire was consisted of three sections. The first part of the questionnaire was consisted of demographic variables. The second part was related to the ten statements of principals’ leadership styles (Autocratic and Democratic) and last part contained the fifteen statements regarding the job satisfaction of teachers. The researchers visited the secondary schools and took permission from principals for data collection from teachers. Mean, SD, Pearson product moment for correlation and independent sample t-test were applied to analyze the data. The major findings of the study indicated that mostly principals decide the operational objectives and standards of the school by themselves. It is also revealed from the study that most of principals use democratic leadership style because they take suggestions from teachers, cooperate and support with them in any matter. Findings of the study also proved that there is a significant relationship between democratic leadership style and job satisfaction of teachers. The school principals should enhance the participation of faculty in decision making.