Trespassing illegally into neighboring countries is a major concern for the government and certainly unavoidable in recent time due to the threat of terrorism, for saving the lives of their families and children many people try to enter another peaceful country illegally through land or sea routes. The same can be said for the drug and human trafficking, they too are huge concerns for the government to focus.In light of such events we require a system capable of providing evidence of trespassing and to apprehend the person suspected of trespassing, we have proposed such system to monitor territorial boundary and to provide information regarding any suspicious activity near the border area. A Quadcopter model is selected as an unmanned drone to continuous monitoring in our proposed system. The copter is equipped with theonboard GPS (Global Positioning System) and APM ArduPilot 2.6 as a base controller to acquire present co-ordinates of the copter with which they will be compared with those provided by the ground station in the form of a waypoints. Such a system may also be used for anti-spying missions.