Web applications become complicated, common and critical in every field of life due to which the quality and reliability of web applications is highly required. Web application’s quality depends upon functionalities including both functional and nonfunctional requirements. Web application testing is interesting not only in functional testing but also in nonfunctional testing such as security and reliability. Web application’s testing is very important for the production of the quality. All web applications are developed to satisfy the user’s functional requirements. There are may be different functional requirements. The aim of testing web application to ensure that it is fully functional. There are two kinds of applications like desktop applications and web applications. In this paper we presented a workflow mode that covers the structural and behavioral information of web application. The model has some features. The first feature of the designed model is that the model must describe the overall structure of web based application, links pages and navigational behavior among them. Also we generate test cases with the help of the model using UML activity diagram that describes web application’s dynamic behavior and activity flow. A Case Study is taken to demonstrate the presented approach.