The study was conducted to investigate the female productive performance of Kamori goat managed under semi-intensive management condition at Kamori Goat Farm, Khudabad Sindh, Pakistan. The data on 136 goats were collected from the records available at the farm and utilized for this study. The results revealed that the mean (±SEM) kidding interval was recorded as 252.47±0.289 days, gestation length 150.015±0.76 days and length of dry period 68.254± 0.289day. The average daily milk yield and lactation length was observed as 2.7286±0.0177 liters and 112.83±0.294 days, respectively. The significant difference was found for kidding interval while for gestation period no significant difference was found. It can be concluded that productive performance of Kamori goat is suitable and can be utilized for sustainable goat farming in the home tract area of this breed for milk and meat production.