The main objective of this study was to identify the library resources available for persons with special needs in the libraries of public and private sector universities of Lahore, Punjab province. The sample of the study included 23 librarians working in the libraries of different departments which were selected through simple random sampling technique. A selfdeveloped and validated instrument “Adaptation in Library Resources Questionnaire (ALRQ)” having four components; building access and environment, library staff, library services and adaptive technology for computer was used. The reliability index (Cronbach Alpha) was .79. The responses of the subjects were rated on three-point criteria i.e. yes, no, to some extent. Data were analyzed on SPSS. The findings revealed that ramps and elevators were available, directional signs in large print, book call numbers converted into Braille for blind students and telecommunication devices had not been provided to the deaf persons in the libraries. On the basis of major findings, it was recommended that academic libraries must follow universal design of learning that require the formulation of policy about provision of library services to people with special needs, allotting adequate budgets for constructing disability friendly buildings and installation of assistive technology for persons with special needs.