Harassment is a susceptible theme in socialization. It is the threatening behavior by any person or group at any place and workplace harassment is one of them. Workplace harassment is one of very sensitive areas and gaining attention by professionals and researchers. Dealing with workplace harassment is one of key indicator of effective organization. As per studies & observations harassment happens in the workplaces but no proper record. The complete study on main theme was the thesis/research work with primary objective to study the experiences of working women regarding harassment at educational institutions from School level to University level, since the current paper is one part from the thesis work which only explores the experiences of working women at School levels consequently this research paper was to study the experiences of working women regarding harassment while working with the heads and the colleagues in public schools, consequently the study was descriptive by nature, survey method was used for data collection. The population of the study was the working women of the public schools of SBA District. Sixty five percent working women were selected as sample by the convenient random sampling for the collection of data. The Study was initiated on the basis of seven research questions which based on seven main themes related to harassment, so the items of the tool based on these themes as a result questionnaire with five points Likert was developed for data collection which was analyzed statistically. Study revealed level of experiences of women regarding verbal, physical, psychological, discriminatory, religious, cyber and immoral harassment in workplace while teaching, attending meetings, communicating with heads, colleagues and staff members. They were sometimes targeted and teased by shouting, humiliating and degrading behavior, abusive languages, frequently jokes, bullying, attacks and assaults or threats within selected Schools. It was mainly recommended that the enforcement of the law should be made sure and the heads of the institutions should provide harassment free environment for the working women.