In Pakistani society, elderly widows usually face economic problems. Poverty is considered one of the prominent problems of elderly widows. They are lacking education, formal employment experience, modernization, old age pension and control over property which promote poverty among them. The attitudes of family and society are also not cooperative towards elderly widows which intensify their economic vulnerability. This study has been conducted in District Dir lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sample frame was available in the form of a list of elderly widows in the office of Pakistan Bait Ul Mal, Dir lower. After exempting the young widows (having age less than 60 years) from the list, the respondents were selected randomly from the list. Data has been collected from the respondents through in-depth interviews. This study reveals that most of the respondents are illiterate and hence ineligible for formal sector employment. They also do not get old age pension. The respondents are also deprived of the right to property inheritance. They are dependent upon others for the fulfillment of their basic needs. Education, formal sector employment and right to property inheritance can alleviate the poverty of elderly widows.