The article is a product of an endeavor to probe the functionality of Baloch maxims in construction of femininity and masculinity where the later serves as the powerful contextual referent which constructs, shares, and perpetuate the meaning of femininity within the umbrella of Saraiki speaking baloch men and women. The emphasis is on the social demonstration of both the gender ideologies i.e. femininity and masculinity. The basic focus of the research is on feminine identity or womanhood in the semi-tribal setup neighboring Sulaiman Ranges. But, we have to discuss both the identities i.e. masculinity and femininity because when one discusses about the status of one identity, it is purely relative and inter-related. Femininity cannot be understood in isolation because, culture, as a complex whole, is the systematic interplay between the binary discourse of behavior exhibited by both the identities, as for as the institution of gender is concerned. Here it is pivotal to mention that language as the binary discourse trait of a gendered culture resonates that all types of relationship between men and women, and their proportional approach to social, political, psychological and economic perquisites are hashed out through semantics of linguistic demonstration.