This study observes the documentation of abandoned Railway stations of BhoeAsal, which once served several vicinities of Kasur District of Pakistan. Early twentieth century brought new means of transportation such as the increased population of motor cycles which is in easy access of people even in villages, new private and government bus services and cars and most of all improvements in roads. So for this reason railway could not live up to the expectations of its promoters due to increased fares and delayed arrivals of trains. Many rural stations were badly affected due to less number of passengers that generated an odd ratio in expenses and revenue. Increased amount of rail fares led to a rapid decline in passenger numbers when more convenient and less expensive forms of transport became available. The trickle of railway closures is becoming greater than before and turning into a torrent. BhoeAsal station is also one out of those stations on Lahore- Sahiwal Section that are completely non operational. BhoeAsal station served the people of many surrounding area in the District of Kasur for 69 years. A station which served longer as one of the best provider of transportation is now a picture of displeasure for the residents of surrounding areas. It has turned into such a history that brings stress to the faces of people which once were privileged with it. Gradually the memory of such lost lines and stations is fading and this is important to remind people of their former existence.