This paper attempts to investigate the response of Sir Bertrand Glancy, the governor of Punjab from 1941 to 1946, to the Muslim politics of Punjab. It also explores the response of Punjab political parties towards the actions and opinions of Bertrand Glancy who was against the division of India and the demand of Pakistan so he created hurdles in the creation of Pakistan. Although various factors were responsible for the situation in Punjab during 1945-1946 elections and the ministry formation in the province but the dictated policies, the anti- Pakistan moves and conspiracies of Bertrand Glancy created the main troubles. The secret reports and documents proved that Governor Glancy adopted the course of British imperialism to keep India united and he remained unfair in dealing with the provincial affairs. This paper discusses how he manipulated the elections of 1945-1946 and how he worked vigorously to prevent the formation of Muslim ministry. The Muslim League was denied its legal right to form the ministry in Punjab, even after it won the elections of 1945-46 and proved itself as the greatest party of the province.