This research study was performed to explore the weaknesses in existing evaluation techniques of teaching practice of formal and non-formal teacher education institutions. The main objective was to find out the issues of evaluation of teaching practice and to recommend the ways for improvement of both the systems; in Punjab. For the sample of study, three formal while one non-formal including four regional campuses were selected. The questionnaire was used to get the responses of teaching practice supervisors. Two hundred teaching practice supervisors were selected randomly in which 100 from formal institutions and 100 were selected from non-formal institutions. The problems and weaknesses of evaluation of teaching practice were found out by open ended items in the questionnaires which were analyzed by using ENVIVO. Majority of respondents said that duration of teaching practices is less and not sufficient. Few respondents expressed that prospective teachers are not being evaluated properly. Lack of qualified, experienced and expert supervisor is another major weakness in the current teaching practices in formal and non-formal system. Majority of teaching practice supervisors of formal system supposed that teaching practice supervisor involved the cooperating teacher in the evaluation while supervisors of non-formal system didn’t. Major Suggestions were that time period of teaching practice should be increased up to 3 months; financial support (i.e. scholarship) should be provided. It was recommended that evaluation of teaching practice must be internal as well as external by experts. There is a need of continuous methods of evaluation of teaching practice for both institutions.