Patkhlae, the heartland of Hazārah, has been changing hands from time to time. In about the middle of the fourteenth AD or a little earlier, the exact date is not known but it must be placed before Amīr Tīmūr’s invasion of India (AD 1398- 99), it fell into the hands the Tājik Gibari Sulṭān Pakhal; hence its name pakhlae, Sulṭān Pakhal’s father, was named Sulṭān Jahāngīr; hence the dynastic title Jahāngīrian. All Jahāngīrian Sulṭāns of Swāt were descendants of Sulṭān Jahāngīr. An attempt has been made to bring into limelight for the lovers of history, historians, researchers and academicians this almost forgotten chapter of the history of the region.