It has been analytically proved that the performance of compression ignition engine is spray characteristics related. The diesel engine performance can be enhanced by achieving improved combustion in the combustion chamber. An efficient combustion depends on the spray formation and ultimate penetration before the onset of combustion. The numerical simulation of fuel spray under varying chamber and injection conditions has been carried out for non-evaporating diesel sprays. The numerical simulations are carried out by using Fluent software. The geometrical modeling is done using gambit and meshing and boundary conditions are also applied in gambit before transferring the model into Fluent. The spray formation and spray penetration rate has been studied under given conditions and the results have been compared with the existing experimental results and theoretical correlations. The simulation is carried out using cold bomb conditions under varying chamber conditions such as gas pressure, nozzle diameter and fuel injection pressure. For comparison purpose the chamber conditions were kept identical as that of the experimental data.