The findings of this research study is constructed depending the role of women in Islamic Banking industry of Pakistan. It has been conducted with an objective to determine the contrast of leadership opportunities, gender differences, working condition, employee performance with Job Satisfaction. The data has been collected from 200 male and female participants, representing the Islamic Banking Sector of Pakistan (Meezan Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank and Bank Islami). The result of the research shows a positive association in the selected dependent and independent variables. The study result further supports that in the current scenario the male gender participation for authoritative and leadership position is comparatively high as paralleled to female in the Pakistani Islamic Banking Sector of Pakistan. Further, it reveals that male working employees in the Islamic banking sector of Pakistan are far more satisfied as compared to female working participants. The result has reflected that the constructed model is significant (at the p < 0.001 level). The findings of this particular study possibly may assist the upper management to revisit their working environment policies and practices to consider females as equally responsible for challenging leadership roles, providing career path opportunities, and to promote Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) in organizations.