This study explains the depiction of violence in Pashtu movies and its impact on the youth‟s behaviour in Pashtun society. Quantitative techniques have been employed for this purpose for which data were collected from the youth through questionnaire and interview schedule. Data were, thus, collected from 360 respondents using purposive sampling technique. It was found that Pashtu movies have significant impact on the youth‟s behaviour. Pashtu movies romanticised the Pashtun cultural violence. The primary data shows significant (p=0.000) association between the Pashtu movies and violent impact on the youth‟s behaviour. Violent character is presented as a brave and honourable person of Pashtun society in Pashtu movies. Moreover, it was found that Pashtu movies inject violence into the minds of the youth thereby making them imitate the violent character of villain or hero in their real lives. It is the responsibility of the censor boards to keep check on the violence which is shown in Pashtu movies.