Since the emergence of Pakistan, technical education has been over ruled. In the early phase trade institutes, there after polytechnics and later on the colleges of technology emerged. The current endeavor is an effort to explore the students’ attitude towards technology. About 3338 respondents served as sample from final year of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical technologies being offered in 11 public and 33 private Polytechnic Institutes and Colleges of Technology in Punjab province of Pakistan. In order to measure attitude towards technology Pupils' Attitudes towards Technology (PATT) USA instrument was adapted. The instrument was developed by Prof. Dr. Marc De Vries. The findings of the study depicted that significant and positive correlation existed between all factors of PATT USA scale. It was concluded that students attitude toward technology was positive. The public and private sector respondents reflected parallel attitude towards technology. In comparison among Civil, Electrical and Mechanical technology respondents, there was significant variation in their attitude towards technology.