The British annexed the Punjab in 1849. This annexation and the system of administration introduced by the British ignited the Frontier tribes, along the border of the Punjab, who confronted them violently. Two decades, before the British withdrawal from India a nationalist movement, non-violent in nature, arose from the Indian North-West Frontier region led by Abdul Ghaffar Khan alias Bacha Khan. With the aim to liberate the motherland from the British imperialist clutches the movement later on got affiliated with the Indian National Congress. To pursue this goal jointly, during the Second World War, Abdul Ghaffar Khan launched the Satyagraha campaign [movement] in the Frontier province that was successfully checked by the British counter strategy to preserve peace, stability and tranquility in the region. This paper will analyse how this movement was launched by one of the most popular political organisations in the Indian North-West Frontier region. Moreover, how did it reflect on the political developments of the region?