NGOs have expanded their activities in developed and underdeveloped areas. They mobilize the community to be self-reliant, support people to discover their own potentials, and rely on their own resources. Badin District is one of least developed districts of Pakistan. In Badin 60 local, national and international NGOs are working. This study aims to explore NGOs’ performance in public opinion. Data were collected through closed-ended questionnaire and sample consists of 270 respondents from general public selected randomly. Data were analyzed using percentage, bar charts and pie charts. The research concluded that most people have a positive and optimistic views about NGOs. However there are certain shortcomings in them like political interference and insignificant changes brought by NGOs, as public don’t seem completely satisfied with them. There was no NGO found working for unemployment and senior citizens’ welfare in Badin region. NGOs should comply with their manifestation, as an entity is recognized not only by what it asserts but what it performs.