The media is to shape the ideas and propose a specific version as reality. Media plays an important role in shaping audience views on any specific problem that arise around the world. Islam and Muslims have turned into the fundamental topics for discussions on social media networks in the West. Western media over all depicted a negative image of Muslims around the globe. In the past two decades after the advancement of science and information technology, the media is suspiciously playing a major role in provoking Islamophobia among the masses. This article discusses the conversations on social media networks about Islam, Islamic faith, Islamophobia, and Muslim‟s believes on Facebook in Western countries. The Study also analyzed that how West has shaped the image of Islam and portrayed Muslims through the social media tools. The study identified that Islam the religious of Muslims is named negatively by the West and generate Islamophobia around the globe. Muslims fanaticism, jihad, hijab, mosque, Muslim women dress, Muslim men beard, extremism and terrorism are the well highlighted posts on the social media themes on Facebook.