This study investigates how TV commercials in Pakistan construct gender relationships in the contemporary era in appraisal to Islamic values and standards. This study engaged semiotic analysis as a technique to scrutinize Pakistani TV commercials inferring the images, signs and symbols. TV commercials emerge in the intermissions of famous Pakistani TV serials, nominated and acquired from main three private channels of Pakistan. A demonstrative sample of commercials explicitly directing gender relations was designated to consider these advertising messages with context to the representation of gender relations in the Pakistani-Islamic setting. TV commercials not only illustrate the images of men and women but have furthermore made that image customary to the viewers in the society. A positive association has always been found between the TV adverts and fluctuating lifestyles patterns of people in Pakistan. This study assists as an effort to inspect that how advertising practices in Pakistan indicates female supremacy and constructs gender roles splendid. It examined that utmost of the commercials divulge today’s Pakistani women as a sovereign trendy and leading in divergence to the Islamic image. This study would not only be substantial for communication experts rather would be more advantageous to the officials who can apply it as a basis for generating and executing advertisements in future.