Vegetable oil has been researched to supplant petroleum-based items because of its surroundings well disposed attributes and has turned into a key wellspring of bio-ointments.The usefulness of vegetable oil is its availability as one of the renewable sources. Additionally, the vegetable oils based lubricant has indicated the potentials for reducing carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emission while operating in internal combustion engines and in industrial process. This paper concentrates on the impact of the mixing proportion of mineral oil with vegetable oil examined on the tribological attributes and four ball tribotester method employing commercial lubrication oil. Castor oil was blended at volumetric ratio ranging from 20 to 80 % with commercial mineral oil. Every trial work fit in with ASTM D4172. The outcomes display that a few mixes of castor oil with commercial lubrication oil have brought down the diameter of wear scar  contrasted with mineral oil. Mixes exhibit  decreasing  coefficient of friction contrasted with lubrication oil. As a result, a few mixes of castor oil with commercial lubricant oil have better tribological execution contrasted with commercial lubricant oil or neat castor oil.

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