Islam teaches us peace, humbleness and solidarity. In Pakistan’s cultural context, Islamic religious adherence seems to moderate the relationship between positive thoughts leading to life contentment psychologically among adults. The reason to conduct the current research was to probe the impact of religious bonding on life contentment among adults. The sample consisted of N=300 adults (n=135 men, n=165 women) taken from different residential areas, religious gatherings, mosques, Dars-e-Quran gatherings of ladies and educational institutes of Multan. Participant’s age range was between 22-64 years. Index of The Religious Commitment was applied to evaluate religious devotion and index of The Satisfaction with life was applied to measure life triumph. Results specified that there is a remarkable association between religious adherence and life satisfaction among adults. Non-significant results were concluded regarding assumptions that gender differences have an influence on religious commitment and effects of relationship status (single/ married / widow and separated) differences in religious faithfulness and life satisfaction.