Political Islam and Global Liberalism are two important ideologies and civilizations yet seek to be compared in the context of contemporary international socio – political and geostrategic environment. There has been diversity and conflict exist between global liberal thought, ideology and Political Islam due to discontent of social, political, cultural and ideological spheres of global politics. Both the political systems do have a particular mindset towards one another along with a peculiar perception, behavior and response. Although different entities, stakeholders, statesmen, media centers and political leadership have put their potential to minimize the existing gap between Global Liberalism and Political Islam during the contemporary ages but could not fill the distance as per required. Certain socio – political, legal and cultural practical approaches applied by both the political ideologies have been administered, conducted and controlled by the opposite clergy. This particular study emphases on the salient features of Global Liberalism and Political Islam in a comparative, analytical and evaluative perspective with the application of possible research paradigms and prospects. The study includes major dimensions of bilateral perception of divergence and convergence in different fields of social, political and economic aspects of life. The results and implications of contradictory atmosphere have been revealed as leading factor of discontent. The efforts of possible rapporteurs between Political Islam and Global Liberalism trends at different occasions and quarters are significant for persistent global peace and stability. The forces of antagonism and compatible world politics are striving to acquire their respective goals as an ever existing and ongoing competitive phenomenon.