The recent decades have observed a variation in the females and males educational performance across Pakistan. There is a trend of females’ outperformance and males’ underperformance in tertiary education. Females tend to outperform males in several important level of examinations from matric to university education. The current study, thus, focuses on female students’ outperformance and male students’ underperformance in tertiary education in the Punjab, Pakistan. The study universe is the University of the Punjab, Lahore. Content analysis was carried out on the ten years results of master level examinations conducted from 2004-06 to 2013-15. Out of 83, 61 master level programmes were selected through lottery method. The data were collected through Data Sheet from the concerned departments and examination sections. It is noteworthy mentioned that the research simply highlights the trends of data in terms of gender and geographical location of top position holders and do not explore causes of female outperformance and male underperformance. The study findings reveal that female students have outperformed male students in tertiary education in University of the Punjab-Pakistan.