The research in relation to teacher training has chiefly focused on the development of personal features of a teacher so that the best way is found to teach content; while lacking emphasis on development of teacher to understand complex teaching process entirely. Educating teacher is a process to execute sense of creativity in a teacher and the process needs clear, evidence based teacher who can be a model in effective teaching. In fact the existing effective teacher models failed to emphasize important elements desirable for development of effective teacher and could not integrate complex components into a coherent whole; and direly needed a discussion medium in a intangible framework for development of effective teachers. This research argues for such elements required for development of a model for an effective teacher. The model provided by this research not only highlights the domains of effective teaching that mainly develops interest in educating teachers, periodical teacher testing for his content and pedagogical knowledge, also referred to as pedagogical content knowledge; but also personal knowledge and knowledge of context of teachers is taken in account. It is suggestible that this should not just be the knowledge that teachers possesses in certain areas comprising overall environment including physical and social environments, intellectuality and emotional environment of the teacher should overlap and interact accordingly. The teacher evaluation is suggested because examining teachers not only challenges teacher trainers to reorganize the techniques they employ for pre-service and in-service teacher trainings; but also assist to assess and reward the teachers accordingly.