Baluchistan is an ancient and historical land where also situated an ancient site, such as, Mahrgarh. It is a fact that before coming of Aryans in this region, it existed a great and civilized Baloch and Brahvi Civilization, the brahvis actually belong to the Baloch and like the Balochi Literature, the Brahvi literature is also divided into three periods, viz: Khalqi Adab (Creative literature), Ta’amiri Adab (Constructive literature), and Lok Adab (Folklore Literature). The women contribution in the Brahvi literature is known with the title of: ‘Zaibul’, ‘Zab Jan’, ‘Gul Jan’ , ‘Phul Jan’ , ‘Phulu’ , ‘Momal’ etc. The Brahvi society is a tribal one; that’s why the topics of the poetry are also very much influenced by tribal traditions and customs.