State authoritarianism in Soviet Union conceived and studied as a unique phenomenon labeled with the communist doctrine. While locating and makings conceptions regarding this particular and prevalent trend on the side of Politburo and Kremlin, a range of general perception deals with it as an essential and eccentric policy adopted by soviet bureaucracy to make it exclusionary. Therefore, that design of extending the socialist doctrines to meet ultimate objective i.e. Communism, that precedent was not only adopted, rather it graduated with socialist transformation in more dynamic character. This study, however aims to trace the huge precedents in respect of soviet authoritarianism, which led to its monolithic formations with the inception of Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917, followed by the formation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922. In this attempt, the monolithic-traditions of imperial Russia presented as an assistant-prelude to the later socialist developments in post-socialist revolution.