This study contains, the overcast 2024-2024 wrought aluminium alloy joints produced by casting liquid 2024 wrought aluminium alloy onto the solid 2024 wrought aluminium alloy inserts using squeeze casting process. The quality of overcast joints fabricated via squeeze casting depend on mechanical properties such as ultimate tensile strength and yield strength. Mechanical properties depends upon the input casting parameters named as squeeze pressure, pressure duration and melt temperature. Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to analyze the effect of above mentioned input parameters on UTS and YS. Empirical models for UTS and YS were developed which help the practitioners to achieve desired UTS and YS by using optimum vales of input parameters. ANOVA results shows that melt temperature has most significant effect on UTS and YS followed by squeeze pressure and pressure duration. Current study will provide efficacious approach to develop advance functional and structural materials.