The world is tilting more and more towards technology and the use of mobile devices is getting usual day by day. The majority of the user who use these gadgets are younger in age and belong to student class mostly as the mature the age is the learning curve is less responsive; that makes the equipment very evident for the learning. The aim of the proposed application is to promote the positive use of smart phones in the classroom to motivate students towards effective learning, where the goal of learning is achieved through the environment and fellows. By using the inquiry-based learning approach, the application provides a platform for the students to design, share and discuss their own questions with their class fellows. Technology-enabled active learning is a learning format that boosts the factors that affect the overall learning environment. The process starts in between them the eagerness to learn through their own interest and the environment they create amongst their institutes. The android application allows the users to access quiz, forum, view each other’s profile, including their statistics and ranking; while the web-based activity management application allows the administrator to manage, monitor, and control different aspects of the system.