After the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971, the Pakistan People’s Party came into power and promulgated its education policy in 1972. The party was founded in 1967 and its Foundation Documents contained Marxian phrases like ‘social change through inexorable process of history’, etc. Though, the 1972 education policy did have some Marxian content, it was very much diluted. For example, the new policy contained the milder phrase ‘comprehending nature of technical and social change’. This paper takes the view that Marxian ideas had to compete with existing more important modes of culture and politics in Pakistan, particularly the claim that the country had Islamic origin. The study traces the failure of early efforts at promoting communist ideas and espousal of such ideas by Pakistan People’s Party in its Foundation Document in 1967. It then discusses dilution of such ideas by the time they were incorporated in the National Education Policy 1972-80, highly modified and made very much palatable to Pakistani population.