Test anxiety is fear, nervousness, and uneasiness for examination. The students who appear in exams usually face these conditions which may be physical, emotional, or behavioral. Mathematics is a compulsory subject till matriculation, so every student faces some anxiety during mathematics class and tests. The foremost purpose of this study is to explore‎ the‎ relationship‎ of‎ mathematics‎ test‎ anxiety‎ with‎ student‟s‎ performance at the secondary school level in Punjab. For the assessment of anxiety, the research questionnaire was adapted through taking guidelines from Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (MARS; Richardson & Suien, 1972). The questionnaire consists of two parts; one question on obtained marks in 9th class mathematics subject in the board examinations and the other portion comprising of 30 questions to rate the mathematics test anxiety. A sample of 260 students was selected through random sampling. Based on data analysis, it was found that there was a strong negative relationship between test anxiety and students' performance in mathematic. This relationship shows that if test anxiety increases, performance will decrease. Further detailed analysis showed that there was a highly significant correlation between the physical and emotional factors of anxiety and achievement of students. Results were consistent with previous researches. The study recommends practical sessions on concept clearance for students, school teachers, and confidence building to overcome anxiety. It is recommended that social and academic guidance for students is the duty of the parents and teachers.